Ponytail palm
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Ponytail palm

This is the James Bond of the flower world who has a different name in every country. Be it a ponytail palm, baucarnea, nolina, elephant-foot tree or a bottle palm (Beaucarnea / Nolina recurvata) – this plant will not leave anyone unmoved. Suits well an absentminded or lazy flower lover, as it needs little watering or fertilising. Appreciates proper light in the summer. Shows its full beauty at older age.
Delivered in a plastic pot. A ceramic pot can be ordered separately.


  • Grows in light or partial shade. Can use plant lamp in winter
  • Water occasionally, not too often, check before that soil is dry. Bears short term drying out
  • Likes dryer air. Can gently sprinkle leaves with room temperature water occasionally
  • In the winter, prefers cooler temperatures under 20°C, preferably about 10°C
  • Fertilise once only in spring or summer with light fertiliser for green plants or palm trees
  • Slow grower. Grows 1.2–1.8 m tall indoors
  • Replant in succulent or cactus soil, if necessary
  • Can be taken outside in summer, shield from wind, rain and direct hot sunlight
  • Does not bloom indoors
  • Safe for children and pets


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