Luxurious gift box with apple-juniper sparkling drink and raspberry Shrub (alcohol-free)
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Luxurious gift box with apple-juniper sparkling drink and raspberry Shrub (alcohol-free)

Please note: we are able to deliver gift boxes only from Monday to Friday. Weekend orders will be delivered on Monday. We are not able to deliver gift boxes on a certain time of the day - orders will be delivered during the selected day. The order is filled by a courier company, in rare cases the parcel may arrive a day earlier or later.

Gift box with organic apple-juniper sparkling drink (750 ml) from Öun, Wösel's sea buckthorn-Raspberry Shrub (500 ml), MoMari sour cherry marmalade covered with dark chocolate (150 g), Chocolala luxurious champagne and strawberries chocolate bar (100 g), Biscotteria Bettina gourmet cookies (150 g) and Seeberger's Luxury Nut and Raisin Mix (150 g), Berry-Nut Mix (150 g), Choco-Cranberry Mix (150 g) and organic mango slices (100 g).

Wösel Sea buckthorn-Raspberry SHRUB is made from sea buckthorn, raspberry, ginger and lemon juice, agave syrup (no other sugars added) and chokeberry-apple cider vinegar. The product is unheated to retain natural vitamins, minerals and antioxidants. Suitable for vegans. SHRUB is an excellent base for making refreshing and energizing non-alcoholic or alcoholic cocktails. It is also well suited for making a warming tea or just using it as a vitamin rich shot.

Öun sparkling drinks are made from organic apples and raw material. They do not contain any pereservatives or flavorings. You can enjoy the already familiar sour-sweet taste of organic apples with notes of juniper in the aftertaste. Öun sparkling drinks are alcohol free, so that they can be enjoied with the whole family.

Chocolala is hand made chocolate, inspired by Northern traditions and nature, which has won several international awards. Product is Fairtrade and without any preservatives.

MoMari finds it important to use good raw materials and use them sustainably - to make the most of the whole fruit, if possible with seeds and husks. In this way, the marmalade retains significantly more nuticious and useful material that comes from the berries. In the production of handmade berry marmalades, Estonian berries are preferred and no artificial flavors or colors are used. Marmalades are made in Saaremaa and are 100% vegan.

Bettina handmade cookies are made in Italy Trevisio, where local and generations old recepies are used. They use the best quality organic raw materials and slow cooking methods to get gourmet quality tastes.

All products are wrapped in an elegant gift box.

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